MFA Munich Flight Academy - Verkehrspilotenausbildung ATPL (A) - professionelle durchgängige Ausbildung Ihr Weg ins Cockpit, kostengünstig und effizient Wir bringen Sie an Ihr Ziel

The Training for an Air Transport License / Airline Pilot 

The training of an airline pilot at MFA Munich Flight Academy is conducted according to guidelines of EASA and the german federal aviation authority and is adapted for the requirements of Airlines meeting high professional standards achieved by highly qualified and experienced instructors. Because of the high quality standards the training prepares for the following, succesful application, and occupation as a copilot of an airline and other duties in commercial aviation.

The training is conducted according to a consistent concept of modular training stages. This concept not only provides our trainees with valuable knowledge, skills and all required licenses, it furthermore offers more benefits of flexibility and cost efficiency compared to other training concepts.

  • Flexible in time and adaptable to individual financial resources
  • Including distant learning course and class lessons
  • Sicherung der einzelnen Ausbildungsschritte durch abgeschlossene Module
  • Cost efficiency by preplanned and coordinated modules
  • Flexible and individual adaption allows an avocational part-time training
  • Future-proof, can be done additionally to a degree course
  • certified, it offers the access of financial aids
  • certified, it offers the possibility of a tax refund
  • certified, it offers the possibility to file the training course as an professional qualification to authorities

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Training can be done in German or English language !

Finacial aid of a bank of great reputation possible !


Mo – Fr 9 am to 1 pm / MFA OPS at Augsburg Airfield

Trial flight training lesson and thorough consultation, free of charge for our trainees ! Appointment via email: info @

Training for an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)

Required documents prior initiating training:

  • Personal ID
  • Minimum age prior training can be initiated: 16
  • Sufficient knowledge in mathematics, physics and English language

Documents to get during training prior first license can be issued:

  • Medical certificate class 2 (prior first solo flight) / class 1 (for CPL training)
  • Reliability certificate according to §24 LuftVZO
  • Information from the Register for driver fitnes (FAER / Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt)
  • 200 hours of flight time needed prior a commercial pilot license can be issued
  • Minimim age for issueing the license PPL:  17
  • Minimim age for issueing the license CPL:  18

Training for an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)

Licenses required by a copilot of an airline:

Having finished that training, you will have ALL licenses “Frozen ATPL(A) / CPL/IR” according to EASA / german federal aviation authority required by airlines. After the acquisition of the specific type rating for the aircraft you will be previledged to fly as copilot on a airline airplane or as a pilot in command in commercial aviation on airplanes certified to be operated by one pilot. With further experience (e.g. 1500 hours of total flight time) this “Frozen ATPL” can be extended to a ATPL, qualifying to fly as a pilot in command, as a Captain on an airline airplane.

printable MFA ATPL – information brochure:

From pedestrian to an airline pilot …….

Information brochure about the ATPL airline transport pilot training at MFA Munich Flight Academy

Training Phase – PPL private pilot license:

Theory lessons basics & training  radio telephony BZFI / I & English language training & required skill tests:

Theory PPL & BZF I/II & Engl. Training
C152 / DEHNF incl. instructor 40,0 h
FNPT II – SEP with GNS430 incl. instructor 5.0 h

Training Phase – NFQ night flight qualification

C152 / DEHNF incl. instructor 5,0 h

Training Phase – IR MODUL A

C172 / DEIMN with GNS430 incl. instructor 5,0 h
FNPT II – SEP with GNS430 incl. instructor 5.0 h

Training Phase – ATPL Theory Course

AZF & language prof. training
ATPL Theory – distant learning course & lessons

Training Phase – IR MODUL B

FNPT II – SEP with GNS430 incl. instructor 25,0 h
C152 / DEHNF incl. instructor 15,0 h

You can find a printable information brochure about an ATPL(A) licensing training with MFA here. Learn more at an individual consultation or a trial flight training lesson.

printable MFA ATPL – information brochure:

We offer the training in German and English language. For further information contact us for an appointment for an individual consultation.

Training Phase – CPL Commercial Pilot Lizenz

C172 / DEIMN with GNS430 incl. instructor 10,0 h
C172 RG with GNS430 incl. instructor 5.0 h

Training Phase – MEP VFR class rating

CR MEP Theory lessons 7,0 h
FNPT II – Seneca III with GNS430 incl. FI 2,0 h
PA34 220T – with digital flight deck incl. FI 4.0 h

Training Phase – IR ME & MEP Instrument Training Multi-engine

FNPT II – MEP with GNS430 incl. instructor 3,0 h
PA34 220T – with digital flight deck incl. FI 2,0 h

Training Phase – Time Building

Approximately 80 h of flight experience as a pilot in command are required, which you can fly with us at Augsburg / Spain or USA during vacation ! We have cost efficient offers !

C152 / DEHNF – PIC without instructor 80,0 h

Type rating e.g. 737 / A320 / KingAir / CitationJet and more

The type rating for your career as a copilot of an airline you will acquire after your application phase, in cooperation with your employer. You shouldn’t without ! Otherwise you would specialize to a specific aircraft too soon, loosing your versatility.

The given numbers in time tables are minimum requirements, individual additional training might become necessary. Learn more in a thorough idividual consultation or a trial flight training lessons, which is free of charge for our trainees